Mr Pascoe's Cultural Appropriation

Mr Pascoe claims this photograph is of an Aboriginal ‘Dome’ house that his great, great grandfather may have used while living at Lockhart River in Queensland. Actually, we find that it is a ‘Dome’ house constructed by the Meriam people from the Torres Strait Islands and shows Melanesian and Polynesian influences. It is not Australian Aboriginal at all, and is not from the Australian mainland.

Whose Theory Do We Believe? - Mr Bruce Pascoe's or Mr Jared Diamond's?

The New Dark Emu : “Pascoe puts forward a compelling argument for the understanding that pre-colonial Aboriginal Australians were on a trajectory from their hunter-gatherer existence towards food production and agriculture within the next 3000 years. The evidence shows that the first beginnings of an agricultural way of life were starting in isolated parts of the continent. It is the story of mankind and a story that we will all admire and find fascinating as Australians."